Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Power Forward Target: Brandon Dubinsky

When you get a chance watch the Rangers play these playoffs and do some pre-scouting on Rangers forward Brandon Dubinsky. For some reason he is always linked to trade rumours but with the emergence of Chris Kreider in the playoffs Dubinsky could be on the way out of Manhattan. Dubinsky can play center or wing and would be a versatile forward and useful power forward for the Oilers.

Brandon Dubinsky is a player the Oilers might target to address their needs of size and adding power forwards to line up. You may ask this question. Do we want a player who has been lost a little in the shuffle in NY between LW and Center? It is a fair question. But, Dubinsky is still a young player and the Rangers are a deep team and only get deeper with free agent signings. The Rangers might consider moving him for cap reasons or to improve at a position, perhaps a more a pure offensively talented player. The Oilers should do their due diligence in trying to acquire this player.

Dubinsky is 26 years old and is a 6-1 and 210 pound center\left winger. He could find himself on the 2nd line and would excel at trying to create space and using his bigger body to go to the net. He could be paired with Taylor Hall helping him transition to center while playing left wing. He is coming off a poor year in New York, likely a result of a changing role under Tortorella. Dubinsky finished 2011/12 with 10 goals and 34 points in the regular season (and 110 PIM's) after 24 goals and 54 points (100 PIM's) last season. In 2009/10 he had 20 goals and 44 points (54 PIM's), 2008/09 he had 13 goals and 41 points (112 PIM's) and his rookie season in 2007/08 he scored 14 goals and 40 points (79 PIM's). This player has the talent to score and fill a power forward void in Edmonton.

 He has had season of 207 hits (2011/12), 141 (2010/11), 129 hits in (2009/10), 251 (in 2008/09), and 196 (in 2007/08). His shooting percentage over the last 4 seasons was never lower than 7.1% (2011/12) with his career average being 9.7%.

An added bonus of Dubinsky also playing center is that he is a very good faceoff option. In his 5 seasons he has never had a lower FO% than 51.4%. His 5 seasons are as follows; 51.9%, 52.4%, 51.4%, 53.6%, and 51.4%. He is a career +24 player, only two seasons under par with a -6 and a -3.

Dubinsky is a strong two way player and has leadership qualities. He does need to find more consistency offensively and be able to be a little more disciplined. He is on this 3rd contract having finished 1 year with 3 more remaining (4.2 Cap hit, 3.75 in 2012/13 salary and 4.65 in salary in 2013/14 and 2014/15) and is an affordable contract at 4.2 million per season. Do the Oilers have the assets to get the deal done?

By the way, he likes to fight:

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