Sunday, May 20, 2012

UFA LW'ers - Ryan Smyth your guy?

Well now Oiler fans or hockey fans of any team for that matter, this years crop of UFA leftwingers gets thin very fast. Now I know some of you are going to jump on me saying that so and so is a left winger too… I have acquired my information on this from CapGeek and these are the fella’s that I have choosen. When looking for a little offense this years list of available players is short so it is in you best interest to get your guy early on July1st. This is a follow up to my UFA Dmen, who do you sign  post give it a read if you haven't.

Let’s start with everyones wish…

Zach Parise - Now this guy is like rubbing a bit of salt in a open wound for me because I can still see myself screaming at my TV during the 2003 Entry Draft when the Oilers thought they were far more intelligent then other team and traded down with NJ giving them Parise and we ended up with
Marc-Antoine Pouliot. Top drawer player, makes any team much better but what will the cost be??? Will he leave NJ after this playoff run, the timing could not have been better for Lou.

Ryan Smyth - We may as well stay with the salt in the wound model. Started the season guns a blazing only to suffer a painful end to the season points wise. Is he still a top 6 winger or does he need to rethink things and embrace the 3rd line roll. Regardless, Smyth is still a good pick up.

Juri Hudler - I am surprised to see this guy sitting in the UFA list still. Had a fair season and has the skill set to continue this trend. 28 years old combined with his skill set will bring a long list of suitors come July 1st. I almost expect Detroit to have him resigned prior.

Ray Whitney - Another Oiler link with this guy, he used to be the Oilers stick boy back in the day his dad was a practice goalie for them. Absolute great season for Ray, Does Phoenix buck up for the old guy? Perfect fit for them but will he test the market?

Dustin Penner - Lets continue the Oiler theme! If this guy would just play like he has in the playoffs, the list of teams wanting to sign him come July 1st would be lengthy. The big man has some game, he just needs to find a place where the pressures are low and he does not have to play a feature role. In reality he probably scores more points playing 2nd or 3rd line than his does playing 1st line.

There you go, 5 guys who can patrol the left side of the ice, who is your guy?


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