Monday, May 21, 2012

UFA RW'ers - Semin worth a chance?

Alrighty then, I have ran through the UFA Dmen - Who do you sign as well as UFA LW'ers - Ryan Smyth your guy so lets jump across the line to check in on the UFA RW’ers today. This years group of players seem to be some of the better free agents this year. So let’s start with 5 interesting players who most teams will have an eye on when the buzzer sounds bright and early July 1st.

Shane Doan - At 35 years of age, he can still play the game at a good clip. A leader in every meaning of the word still provided 22g and 50 total points this year. Can Phoenix get him to put pen to paper before July? I am thinking they need to pull out all the stops to make it happen.

P.A. Parenteau - Had a great season on the Island putting up 67 points building on his previous season of 53 but getting the opportunity to play the wing for Tavares could do this for a guys stats. More willing to play a physical game than others on this list, P.A. will have more than his share of offers to contemplate very soon. Considering the line up of the N.Y.I. it could be on their best interest to get his name on a contract extension quickly. 

Alex Semin - Perhaps the most intriguing of all free agents and someone who I thought played LW but my friends at CapGeek have him listed here. Looking for offense and scoring ability? Look not farther if you feel you can get a consistent effort from Alex. He has all the skills required to give you 30+ goals and 70+ points a season. I am thinking a move out of Washington is needed for this guy. High risk, high reward here!



David Jones - A winger with some size that doesn't always use it. Where have we heard that before? Good for a hit a game and boasts a positive give/ take ratio. Dropped to 20 goals this past season after a career high of 27 the year before. Some one looking for a player who may have the ability to play "up" the line up may have interest in David Jones.

Jaromir Jagr - He is my old guy for the right side as Ray Whitney is to the left. Great year all things considered for Jagr, he provided enough to warrant serious looks for many teams. 19g and 54 points show that there is still a little game left. Does Philly have the cap space to make this happen with having to sign some of the younger guys as well?

There you have it, 5 guys for the "Right" side to ponder prior to July 1st. Is your guy on this list or did I mistakenly leave him off? Let me know.

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